The AstraZeneca vaccine/Dabex Daily Update (16.03.2021)

The decision taken on the AstraZeneca vaccine is the only possible one to nip the wave of mistrust in the bud, which could overwhelm us like a tsunami. A stop, it is hoped only until the decision of the European Medicines Agency on the day after tomorrow, is immensely preferable to a daily dripping of doubts.
Also fueled by a reckless rush to the (alleged) scoop and tearful news, the fear instilled in public opinion could destroy the very delicate balance of the vaccination plan. A gigantic and complex machine, which deprived of the trust of citizens would be doomed to fail.
To date, as claimed by the WHO, the EMA, the Italian Aifa, there is no evidence of a correlation between the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine and deaths from thrombosis. Suspending it and allowing time for further and more thorough checks is a wise and necessary decision. In Italy in particular, but also in France, where we have been veterans of the systematic picking of scientific rationality for years, to the advantage of the most abstruse and imaginative theories.
An irresponsible attitude, for which large layers of public opinion are ready to believe in clowns and necromancers, but not in the scientific community.

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